Boons of Torog

The many Gifts of the Cult of Torog


Underdark Worship Level 8 Reward
Initiation into the Cult of Torog
Effect: Whenever you fail a Dungeoneering check, you may make a Religion check in its place

Torturer’s Glee Level 12 Reward

Whenever you take a captive, you may spend a Healing Surge, the next skill check involving the prisoner is an instant success, and the next Attack Roll you make counts as an automatic Critical Hit.

Grasp of the Tombtouched Level 14 reward
Successful Completion of a mission for the CoT
Grasp of the Tombtouched Attack, Melee, Divine, Daily, Standard
One adjacent creature
16 vs. Will
Hit: The target takes 2d8
6 Necrotic damage and is Restrained until the end of your next turn

Sudden Imprisonement Level 20 reward
Acceptance into the upper tiers of the CoT
Sudden Imprisonment Attack, Close, Divine, Daily, Standard
Close Burst 2
Each creature in Burst
19 vs. Will
Hit: The target takes 2d6
7 Psychic damage and is Restrained until the end of your next turn.


Stone of the Deep King Level 10 Magic Item
Effect: Once per day, you may pay X healing surges. If so, you may get +2X to your next Navigation, Dungeoneering, and Religion checks.

Underdenizen Weaponry Level 6 Magic Weapon
Weapon (Melee weapon)
Effect: Whenever you score a Critical Hit against an Aberrant Creature, you may have that creature take another 2d4+2 Poison damage

Condemnation Blade Level 19 Magic Weapon
Bastard Sword
Effect: Whenever you roll a Critical Hit while wielding this weapon, you may have that Attack do 0 damage. Instead, the target of the Attack is sent to the depths of the Underdark until the end of your next turn. In the Underdark, they take 3d20+10 damage. When they return, they may spend a Healing Surge.


Boons of Torog

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