Craftsmanship Feats


Craftsmanship feats are what you need to build complicated, difficult things such as high-tech weaponry and enchanted forges. To build/craft something, you need the Blueprints, as well as all of the components (a component list will be included with the blueprints), as well as enough time to build it. In addition, some objects require special tools to make, such as a furnace, hammer or magnet.
For Example:

Iron Sword Time: 3 hours
Average Difficulty
400 grams of iron
100 grams of wood
Requires: 1 Furnace

Some things are more difficult than others:

Complex Crossbow Time: 2 hours
Advanced Difficulty
600 grams of wood
6 meters of string
Requires: Saw

And some even more:

Dwarven Lock Time: 4 hours
Master Difficulty
10 small iron gears
10 small platinum gears
10 small mithril gears
5 large mithril gears
5 medium iron bars
1 door
Requires: Lockpicking Tools

For each difficulty Level (with the exception of average) a feat is required to build the thing of that level.

Heroic Tier:
Advanced Craftsmanship
Prerequisites: Intelligence 13+
Effect: You can craft Objects of Advanced Difficulty

Paragon Tier:
Master Craftsmanship
Prerequisites: Advanced Craftsmanship
Effect: You can craft objects of Master Difficulty

Epic Tier:
Architectural Craftsmanship
Prerequisites: Master Craftsmanship
Effect: You can build large-scale things, such as boats and houses

There are special kinds of things that require immense specialization to craft:
Tribal Artifacts-things that require shamanic or natural power to make, such as magic masks
Arcane Artifacts-things that require magic or magical lore to make, such as wands
Religious Artifacts-things that require divine power to make, such as altars
Machines-things that require scientific or engineering knowledge to make, such as engines
There are feats for all of them

Paragon Tier:
Tribal Craftsmanship
Prerequisites: Advanced Craftsmanship+Trained in Nature
Effect: You can make Tribal Artifacts

Arcane Craftsmanship
Prerequisites: Advanced Craftsmanship+Trained in Arcana
Effect: You can make Arcane Artifacts

Religious Craftsmanship
Prerequisites: Advanced Craftsmanship+Trained in Religion
Effect: You can make Religious artifacts

Scientific Craftsmanship
Prerequisites: Advanced Craftsmanship+Trained in History
Effect: You can make Machines


Craftsmanship Feats

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