Level 1 Musical Instruments

musical instrument

Level 1 Magical Musical Instruments. The Level of one of these denotes up to what level songs it can play. (i.e: a Level 13 Magic Trombone can only play songs of levels 1-13) There are 3 kinds of instrument, all of which are represented here: Percussion, Strings and Wind

Parappan Drums Level 1 Percussion
Size: Very Small (between Small and Tiny)
Songs per day: 3
Bonus: (to Music checks for songs played on this instrument(if the song requires other checks, then these will not provide a bonus to those other ones)) +1

Stradiviolin Level 1 Strings
Size: Very Small
Songs per day: 2
Bonus: +2

Fairy Ocarina Level 1 Wind
Size: Tiny
Songs per day: 1
Bonus: +3


Level 1 Musical Instruments

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