Sufferer's Shards

weapon (melee)

Broken Chains Level 9 Magic Weapon
Bonus: To Attack Rolls
Level 9: +1
Level 13: +2
Level 17: +3
Level 21: +4
Level 25: +5
Level 29: +6
When Wielding This Weapon, You cannot be Grabbed or Dominated

Misery Shiv Level 13 Magic Weapon
Bonus: To Attack Rolls
Level 13: 1
Level 17: +2
Level 22: +3
Level 26: +4
Level 30: +5
When scoring a Critical Hit against an enemy that has grabbed dominated, or changed the Will score of an ally or neutral party while wielding this weapon, You may have that enemy be dealt 2d8
4 damage per tier

Number of the Sufferer Level 8 Apparel
Neck Slot-a pendant of the number that The Sufferer was branded with
Bonus: To Will
Level 8: +1
Level 13: +2
Level 18: +3
Level 23: +4
Level 28: +5
Whenever an enemy dominates, grabs or affects the Will score of an ally or yourself, you may mark that enemy. The next Roll you make against that marked enemy is an automatic critical hit

The Sufferer is regarded as the first person to create a rebellion that impacted the entire world. He was a slave on a slaveship, and caused a rebellion that inspired countless others against countless nations and monarchs, destroying not only the slave trade, but the concept of unquestioned authority. The Sufferer’s Shards are some of the first weapons used by his followers on that famed slaveship.

Sufferer's Shards

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